Custom Builds

FluoroVista System

High-End fluorescence system at Fraunhofer IMWS/AWZ - Soest, Germany

Research and development of highly efficient LED and luminescent materials.

Dual microscope system

at the Department of Physics of the University - Leipzig, Germany.
MonoVista CRS+ system with parallel fiber-coupled customer specific photoluminescence monochromator.

Simultaneous measurement of Raman (inverted) and Photoluminescence (upright) spectra in one take, for determining characteristics of solid-state materials

External Cryostat coupling arm

for MonoVista CRS+ (inverted microscope) - Warsaw, Poland

Determination of Raman signal change and characteristics of low-temperature samples.

High Precision fiber-coupled measurement head

to external AFM – Madrid, Spain
MonoVista CRS+ with external coupling to CSInstruments Nano-Observer AFM system

Comparison of Raman signal and AFM measurement on thin-film samples.

Vibration isolated MonoVista CRS+

with Nanonics AFM system - Salzburg, Austria

Characterization of thin-film samples by comparison of AFM and resulting Raman signals.

Oversized microscope stage (200x200mm)

on Olympus BW51WI microscope - Oslo, Norway

MonoVista CRS+ with larger than usual microscope stage, for silicon wafer fast-mapping measurements. Determination of silicon lattice stress, through Raman peak-shift.

External customer specific laser delay line

- Lund, Sweden

Timed measurements on MonoVsita CRS+ system with internal Raman and external pulse laser sources.