Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find the most commonly asked questions. If you questions is software related be sure to turn on the output window in the S&I VistaControl Software.

If you don’t find a specific answer to your question, feel free to contact us by mail.

I get no or too low signal, why?

The reason for not getting a decent signal can be very diverse. So the answer to this question will contain a list of different causes for this problem.

Not in focus

Sometimes the sample is very rough and the focus is hard to find, especially with a high magnification objective. A good way to see if the sample is in focus is to move the x or y axis of the microscope stage in order to see the moving surface.

Measurement parameters

Always check the measurement parameters before each measurement. Some samples might require long exposure times for a decent signal. There is a list of standard parameters in the S&I VistaControl manual.

Laser power to weak or too high

Every sample is different and may burn when exposed to too high laser powers. Always use the highest possibly laser power without burning the sample.

Shutter closed

Check the Shutter option in the acquisition window.. It may be on „always closed“. Also check if the laser is visible on the sample with the imaging camera.

UDP mirror not pushed in

Check if the microscope mirrors are correctly moved in. Be sure to remove the imaging camera and white light beam splitters for measurements.

Hardware problem

If nothing in the list helps there is also the possibility of an hardware failure. Contact our support in that case.

The Software crashes, why?

Software crashes can be caused by a lot of reasons.

Be sure to save computer resources by closing unnecessary windows and stopping the imaging camera acquisition when not needed.
Also close background software while measuring to improve the stability of the computer system.

If this does not help to improve the stability contact our support.

Is there a list of default parameters?

There is a list of measurement parameters in the S&I VistaControl manual.

Can I change the computer connected to the Mono/TriVista?

It is possibly to change the computer if important updates like changing windows versions needs to be done.

But never do it on your own.

Please make sure to contact us before to make sure that the system will still work after computer replacements.

What Laser Wavelength and what objective for the measurement?

This is highly sample depended. As lower wavelength lasers will give you more Raman signal you should go for a visible laser for standard samples. If there is photoluminescence signal, try a higher wavelength in the NIR region.

For rough samples use low magnification and for flat samples use high magnifications. Also note that the better the NA of the objective the more signal you will collect in most cases.

How do I measure confocal with the MonoVista?

The MonoVista uses the easy confocal setup. The pinhole is created with the slit of the spectrometer and the binning of the CCD.

For example, if you want a 50 um Pinhole you have to set the slit to 50um and the binning of the CCD with a pixel size of 25um to two.