MonoVista CRS³

(housed, laser class 1, motorized)

The perfect entry into high end Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy for any type of user.

The MonoVista CRS³ provides a high-end confocal Raman and photoluminescence system of highest performance in terms of throughput and spectral resolution, while maintaining a maximum of convenience to the user.

It also provides optical coupling capability to microscopes, macro chambers, as well as other third-party equipment, like AFM, SEM, Cryostats and other customer desired solutions, provided there is a suitable port for optical coupling via free beam or optical fiber.


  • Deep UV to NIR wavelength range (200 to 2000 nm)
  • Up to 4 integrated laser systems and additional entrance port for external lasers
  • Dual laser beam path for UV and VIS/NIR
  • Fully automated software-control, including
    • measurement-Setup control
    • Selfalignment and Calibration Control
  • High spectral resolution, i.e. down to < 0.2 cm-1 FWHM at 633 nm
  • Low frequency range down to +/- 10 cm-1 with Ultra Narrow band notch filters
  • High frequency range up to 9.000 cm-1 (at 532nm), useful for photo luminescence
  • High spatial resolution of less than 1µm lateral and 2µm axial
  • adaptable for external measurements
  • Optional enhancements:
    • Macro Raman
    • Polarization Raman Measurements
    • Temperature depending Raman Measurements
    • Motorized Point-To-Point and Fast Raman Mapping
    • TERS and AFM-Raman Mapping
    • Laser Safety Class I



  • Spectrographs with 500 and 750 mm focal length
  • Image corrected optics provide superior imaging quality for multi-track applications
  • Dual entrance and dual exit ports
  • Interchangeable Grating Turrets with 3 gratings per turret
  • Motorized Slits with 0 to 3 mm width
  • Optional Silver or gold coated mirrors
  • Choice of more than 100 gratings available for the best spectral range, throughput and dispersion
  • Stepping motor scanning system with microprocessor control provides superior precision and repeatability of wavelength positioning
  • Optional internal shutter for experiments requiring background removal or signal attenuation


  • Upright Olympus Microscopes BX43, BX53 and BX51WI, Inverted Olympus Microscope IX73 or Dual-Microscope
  • Objectives for UV,VIS and NIR with short and long working distance
  • Sample Observation with Binocular and Imaging Camera  
  • Simultanious sample and laser observation
  • Dark- and Bright-Field illumination
  • Equipped with opticset that is matched for desired wavelength range
  • manual and motorized XY-Table for sample movement


  • Peltier and liquid nitrogen cooled detectors
  • CCD and InGaAs Array detectors
  • EMCCDs for fastest Raman mapping
  • Back Illuminated eXcelon CCD detectors with lowest etaloning
  • Photon Counting PMT systems

Laser & Filters

  • Wide selection of CW-Laser Systems from DUV to NIR
  • Laser Clean-Up Filters and Raman-Edge/Notch Filters from UV to NIR
  • Ultra Narrow band notch filters for 488, 514, 532, 633, 785 and 1064 nm
  • Laserintensity-Regulation with ND-Filterwheel
  • Shutter for sample and detector protection


  • Optic Sets for automated polarization measurements
  • Optic Set for Line-Focus measurements
  • Macro-Raman Chamber
  • Motorized XYZ-Stages with stepsize < 50 nm
  • Piezo XYZ-Stages with stepsize < 10 nm
  • Heating and Cooling Stages
    • Heating Stage, temperature limit at 1500°C
    • combined Heating and Cooling Stages, working range: -196°C - 600°C
    • Helium Cryostate with temperature limit at a few Kelvin
  • AFM from Nanonics or JPK Instruments for TERS and AFM-Raman mapping
  • Combination with XRD systems