Optical tables

Optical Table top with Pneumatic Vibration Isolation

  • sizes available from 800 x 1000mm to 1500 x 5000mm
    • Standard size for our Systems is 1500 x 2500mm with HD pneumatic legs
  • ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • 25mm bolt pattern, M6 thread size
  • up to 1000kg load capacity per leg
  • Transport and Installation service available

Transport & Installation Services

We have the ability to do the delivery, transport and installation of optical tables.

If ordered with our Products, the price for Installation is included in the system price.

In case you already have an optical table which has to be moved from one building to another or from lab to lab, please feel free to contact us for an offer just for the service.

We also move tables from other suppliers in different sizes.

To generate a quote for the service please download and fill the Questionaire for optical table transport and Installation.


  • Top skin 5 mm thick ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • Honeycomb core of 0.25 mm thick steel has a density of 125–250 kg/m3 depending on the cell size and its structure
  • Top skin has a pattern of M6 holes spaced by 25 mm
  • Flatness ±0.1 mm/m2
  • Custom dimensions and laser ports
  • Vertical resonance frequency: 1.5 Hz (average load)
  • Horizontal resonance frequency: 1.7 Hz (average load)
  • Air source pressure: up to 600 KPa (6 bar) (87 PSI)


We are supplier of the whole Standa product line. Please contact us for an individual quote or visit Standa.lt.